Twinkling in front my vision of life


Not so long time ago someone ask me something that felt like a knife launched directly to my soul. Do you like to be alone? Wont you prefer to be with someone? At that time I just tried to avoid those stabs by dodging them. Furthermore I started to say dumb stuff automatically just to not even think in the answer due to I had it in front of me.

I don’t know when exactly I realized so but for sure at that moment my feelings were dancing drunk inside me, twinkling in front my vision of life. I had tried to hide them deep inside me but now I can not stand it more time. I am sorry. On the other hand I do not have to feel sorry, do I? I only have to keep on my path and for once close the eyes in my next deflection.

Practising complex English for TOEFL exam, four days remaining… My cat Lola ^^