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  • A world behind me

    Even with the entire world behind me I am not able to see it. I would have to stop try to bear it.

  • Keep calm

    And carry on. There are plenty of bridges to be crossed. There are a bunch of oceans to be jumped. But there is only one way to do so, never surrender, never stop smiling.

  • Amherst-Northampton-Amherst

    Distance: 31.74 km Average Speed: 20.1 km Max. Speed: 47.8 km/h Time Cycling: 1h 49 min Time Traveling: 3 h I have bought my new ride last week and I wanted to try it as soon as possible. Thus I have used my first free Saturday.

  • You cannot control it

    If it get uncontrolled by just one smile

  • Let’s fly

    All of us have wings, we just have to realize that everything else is spare.

  • At least

    I am myself, nothing more, nothing else. I leave everything there to be able to be the one I had to be. Just me.

  • 2 Días en New York (y II)

    Como portada el modelo del nuevo robot con destino Marte, como contenido lo prometido: uno puede hacer en un día en Nueva York. Así da comienzo mi día 2.

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