Which way?


I have always a dream, know something for sure. Be able to enter somebody’s mind and realize exactly what his feelings are. Do you know how many troubles I could avoid in my whole life? Now, when I think about it I have just realized that if I can not even understand my feelings which are in my own mind, how I gonna understand someone else feelings?

When I cycling is easy, I just have to go straight, there is not so much options to choose from. Only a single path to go where you want to go. When you are trying to go farther you have to do some decisions but when you are about to do a long travel you must choose between millions of different options. Don’t you think that this is similar with our lives?

At least everything is just to make my life a little bit complex, I love it but for sometime I just want to know what to do, don’t have to think and let others to do it. Would you live to do me the favour? Yes, I belive what your answer is, just do it, don’t think about it, you think to much. I am agree with that but I am like I am. And you already know what I am? A naive, a dreamer who dreams with a warm dawn.